Welcome to Hard Rock Game Ranch - Northern Cape, South-Africa

Hunting Your Dream Trophy

General Hunting Information

homeHard Rock Game Ranch specialises in hunting. The daily rates for your safari include the service of a professional hunter, lodge staff, skinners, trackers and transport within the safari area. Taxidermy costs, however, are not included.

No liability for injuries to persons or damage to equipment is accepted and clients should therefore arrange their own travel and accident insurance. Hunters are welcome in South Africa and fire-arms are permitted on a temporary import permit. For plains game species, a medium calibre not less than .270, scoped and sighted to 200 yards is adequate. The .375 is the minimum calibre allowed for dangerous game like the Cape Buffalo.

Hunting at Hard Rock

homeHunting is conducted by means of fair chase with rifle or from blinds with bow. Exclusive bow-hunting zones ensure that the quarry is completely relaxed offering you ample opportunity to harvest your dream trophy.

Hunting may be conducted year round, but we recommend that safaris are booked during the cooler months from April to August. Safaris of between 7 and 14 days are advisable, depending on the number of species the party intends to hunt. One trophy per day is a useful guide.

Game available for hunting

Please contact us for a hunting pricelist and availability for 2020.